Family Tahafuz Premium


For the very first time JazzCash brings “Family Tahafuz Premium” – An innovative Health Insurance facility for customers and their family

It covers the financial needs to ensure health coverage for you, your spouse and children. You can purchase these insurance plans using your JazzCash Mobile Accounts instantly.

With this hassle free and simple service, customers no longer need to go through time consuming documentation processes, carry health insurance cards or seek permission before treatment.

Product Features:

  • Financial Protection: The product offers a financial safety net to customers against costs of hospitalisation.
  • smsDOC: A service to avail free telephonic consultation with a professional doctor. Registered customers can SMS their medical query on 5634. A doctor will call back within one business day to discuss the query
  • Simple Enrolment Process: Paperless enrolment process allows enrolment in a matter of few minutes. No medical examinations are required for enrolment.
  • Coverage for family: The product not only covers the customer but also his or her spouse as well as children

Product Details

JazzCash in partnership with MicroEnsure Pakistan, brings Family Tahafuz Premium providing complete freedom in managing health related risks. This exciting new product frees the customers from the hassle of finding panel hospitals. Instead, they can get treatment from hospital of their choice.


  • Financial protection in case of hospitalization
  • Coverage for customer and his family (spouse and children)
  • Visit any facility of your choice. No condition of visiting only panel hospitals
  • Generous cash benefit amounts
  • Simple and easy to understand coverage
  • Fast and electronic claims processing
Charges for 1 year (Rs.) 4,499
Daily Hospitalisation benefit – Customer & Spouse (Rs.) 5,000
Daily Hospitalisation benefit – ICU – Customer & Spouse (Rs.) 10,000
Daily Hospitalisation benefit – Children (Rs.) 2,500
Daily Hospitalisation benefit – ICU – Children (Rs.) 5,000
  • Benefit of up to 30 days, payable for one admission
  • No limit on the number of admissions in hospital during coverage period
  • Maximum limit of 60 days of hospitalisation per insured person in a year

A simple sign-up process

  • JazzCash Mobile Account customers can subscribe to Family Tahafuz Premium —by simply dialling *786*8*7#
  • Customers who do not have a JazzCash Mobile Account can simply dial *786# from their biometrically verified Jazz SIM to open their Account. Once the Mobile Account is registered, they can subscribe to Family Tahafuz Premium by dialing *786*8*7#

Terms & Conditions

  • Duration of the insurance is for 1 year from the date of enrolment
  • Age Limit: 18 – 65 years for customer and his or her spouse. Coverage will terminate on 65th birthday
  • Age Limit: 1 – 22 years for children of subscribed customer. Coverage will terminate on 22nd birthday
  • To be eligible for coverage, children should be single and economically dependent on parents
  • Waiting period of 15 days upon enrolment will apply for hospitalisation due to illness. Coverage for accidents will start immediately
  • A waiting period of thirty (30) days will apply between consecutive hospitalisations


Conditions in which a claim is not payable:

  • Pregnancy and related complications
  • Treatment of pre-existing condition and any disease, illness, medical condition or injury which is a complication of a pre-existing condition
  • Attempted suicide, self-inflicted injury whether intentional or unintentional
  • Consumption of narcotics, alcohol and poison
  • Cosmetic and dental treatment

Value Added Benefits

HealthCare Cash Back

Customers can request cash back for any healthcare expense such as doctor’s consultation fee, medicines, lab tests etc. The limits and amounts of cash back which can be availed are as follows:

Family Tahafuz Premium
  • Amount per cash back: Rs. 250
  • Maximum four (4) cash backs can be requested in a year of coverage i.e. maximum cash back of Rs. 1,000 in a year
  • One (1) cash back can be requested in every three (3) months after registration
  • Waiting period of fifteen (15) days applies after registration

To request a healthcare cash back please call 051-8466466. Our representative will guide you. You will be requested to provide doctor’s prescriptions, reports and expense receipts.

Important Information

MicroEnsure Pakistan (Private) Limited is providing administrative services for Family Tahafuz and Family Tahafuz Premium. Family Tahafuz and Family Tahafuz Premium are underwritten by EFU Life Assurance Limited, which is registered and supervised by Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan. EFU Life Assurance Limited is the insurance company of Family Tahafuz and Family Tahafuz Premium and responsible for paying claims. The address of EFU Life Assurance is:

EFU Life House, Plot No. 112, 8th East Street, Phase I, DHA, Karachi

Mobilink Microfinance Bank and JazzCash are distributors of Family Tahafuz and Family Tahafuz Premium. They are not responsible for paying claims to customers.

Which hospitals are covered under Family Tahafuz Premium?
Customers can go to any hospital in Pakistan registered as per laws of Pakistan

In-clinic Treatment

Admission in clinic will not be considered admission in hospital and hospitalisation claim will not be payable


smsDoc and HealthCare Cash Back are value added services provided by MicroEnsure Pakistan (Private) Limited and are separate from insurance benefits offered under Family Tahafuz and Family Tahafuz Premium.

Via smsDoc, all health care and medical services are performed only by the licensed physicians. The licensed physicians are solely responsible for the medical services prescribed and in compliance with any and all requirements applicable to his or her exercise of profession. JazzCash and MicroEnsure Pakistan (Private) Limited are not engaged in the practice of medicine, whether by and through smsDoc and do not provide health care or medical services. By using smsDoc, the customer unconditionally agrees to these Service Terms and Conditions. JazzCash and MicroEnsure Pakistan (Private) Limited shall not be held liable for any loss or damage arising under or in connection with advice provided through smsDoc service.

Claim Process

  • At the time of hospitalisation, inform about the hospitalization on Claims helpline no. 051– 8466466.
  • Notify the claims helpline when the customer is discharged. Our representative will help the customer in making the claim.
  • Inform within fifteen (15) days of discharge from the hospital.

Documents required for claim

  • Discharge slip and treatment record from hospital
  • Customer’s CNIC
  • A certificate issued by the doctor
  • Claim form with signature
  • Police and medico legal reports are required in case of hospitalization due to accident, violence, and attempted suicide

Claims are settled within five (5) business days after complete documents are received

Cancellation Process

Customers can cancel their subscription within 14 days of registration by calling 4444.