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Bill Payments from JazzCash Mobile Account

Paying Bills through JazzCash Mobile Account is simple and easy! All you need to do is follow simple steps to pay your Bills. You can pay all your Utility Bills such as Electricity, Gas, Telephone or Water bills through JazzCash Mobile Account.

You can also pay your bills through JazzCash Agent.

Barcode Scanner for Utility Bill Payments

Product Information:

JazzCash introduces the barcode scanner for all your UBP bills for an easier way of paying your utility bills. The scanner can be used through the JazzCash mobile app where selecting the barcode icon can allow users to scan their relevant bill barcode and instantly fetch their bill details for payment. The scanner can be used to either scan a barcode through your phones camera or selecting an image from your gallery. Paying utility bills has never been this easy through your JazzCash app

Key Features:

  1. Scan the barcode a utility bill to instantly fetch and pay for fetched bill
  2. Select a bill from your gallery and instantly fetch and pay for your fetched bill


Dial *786#

Select ‘Pay Bills’

Select Type of Bill

Select Company

Scan barcode given on your Bill

Review transaction and enter MPIN to confirm

Rs. 5.00 (Incl. Tax) per bill for first 3 bill payments through JazzCash Mobile Account in a month.
Rs. 20.00 (Incl. Tax) per bill after 3rd bill payment through JazzCash Mobile Account in a month
Rs. 30.00 (Incl. Tax) per bill after 9th bill payment through JazzCash Mobile Account in a month
Charges as per calendar month

Utility Bill Payment greater than Rs. 150,000 will not be payable through any JazzCash Mobile Account

Partner Companies:


No Bill Category Menu Shortcode Bill Company Name
1 Telephone PTCL Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited
2 Gas SSGC Sui Southern Gas Company
3 SNGPL Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited
4 Electricity KESC Karachi Electric Supply Company
5 FESCO Faisalabad Electric Supply Company
6 GEPCO Gujranwala Electric Power Company
7 HESCO Hyderabad Electric Supply Company
8 IESCO Islamabad Electric Supply Company
9 LESCO Lahore Electric Supply Company
10 MEPCO Multan Electric Power Company
11 PEPCO Peshawar Electric Power Company
12 QESCO Quetta Electric Power Company
13 SEPCO Sukkur Electric Power Company
14 Water & Sewerage KWSB Karachi Water And Sewerage Board
15 LWASA Lahore Water And Sewerage Authority
16 RWASA Rawalpindi Water And Sanitation Agency
17 MWASA Multan Water And Sanitation Agency
18 BWASA Baluchistan Water And Sanitation Agency
19 FWASA Faisalabad Water And Sanitation Agency
20 WSSP Water and Sanitation Services Peshawar
21 Hyderabad WASA Water And Sanitation Agency, Hyderabad
22 GWASA Water and Sanitation Agency Gujranwala
23 PHED Haripur Public Health Engineering Sub Division Haripur


Kindly make utility bill payment two(2) days before the due date, in case of delayed or non-payment due to any issue JazzCash/MMBL will not be held responsible.

What is a barcode?

A barcode is a combination of parallel lines with varying widths and spacing that represent data in a visual, machine-readable form

How can I use the barcode scanner?

This new feature can be used through a very easy 2 step process below

  1. Go to UBP payments in the JazzCash Application
  2. Select the company whose bill is to be paid
  3. When entering reference number, select the icon towards the right of the reference number field
  4. Select the Open scanner icon by which the phone camera would be opened, and the barcode can be scanned and would fetch the bill easily

What companies can the barcode scanner be used for?

Most of the electricity companies and gas companies allow for barcode scanning of their respective bills with more coming soon.

Bill Company Category
IESCO Electricity
GEPCO Electricity
PESCO Electricity
QESCO Electricity
HESCO Electricity
SEPCO Electricity

Does this barcode have any benefit to its usage?

A barcode scanner can allow customers to easily fetch their relevant bill details and proceed to pay their bills without having to add the consumer number for the said bill