Mobile Account


We have successfully launched the JazzCash app on the Digit 4G mobile phones where users of Digit 4G phones would have the ability to access JazzCash services by creating a new account or login from their already existing JazzCash account, Customers would be able to use the core features of the JazzCash application that are already being used by JC customers such as send money to IBFT through their Digit 4G devices.


Customers can now the core features of the JazzCash app on their Digit 4G phone with popular features such as send money, utility bill payment, load etc. Feature list being offered are given below

  1. Send Money
  2. Utility Bill Payment
  3. Prepaid Load
  4. Postpaid Load
  5. Mobile Bundles
  6. ReadyCash
  7. Invite & Earn
  8. Scan QR code
  9. My Approvals
  10. Agent Locator
  11. My Account

How can you register on KAIOS?

Registration on the JazzCash app can be done by following the steps below

  1. Download the JazzCash app from the KAIOS store
  2. Enter your mobile number
  3. Enter your account details such as CNIC, Date of Birth etc.
  4. OTP authenticator would be downloaded and enter your OTP code in the App
  5. Select your Mother’s maiden name and Place of Birth
  6. Set your new MPIN
  7. Confirm your new MPIN

What are the key features that are being provided in the KAIOS app version?

The JazzCash app on Digit 4G phones has all the core features that the JazzCash App has to offer such as Send Money, UBP payments, Prepaid & Postpaid load, Mobile Bundles, Invite and Earn, ReadyCash and much more.

On which Digit 4G devices is the JazzCash app available on?

The JazzCash app is now available for all Digit 4G devices to download from the KAIOS store and enjoy JazzCash services.