Mobile Account

Freelance Payments

JazzCash and Payoneer have teamed up to facilitate the Freelancers in Pakistan by enabling them to directly receive funds from their Payoneer Account directly into the JazzCash account.

Freelancers can register their JazzCash mobile account by downloading the application and can then link their Payoneer account with it. There is no need for traveling to bank branches and providing extensive documentation for  account opening.

The funds from Payoneer can be received instantly into the Freelancer’s Mobile Account. Once received ,the funds can be utilized to  pay utility bills, transfer funds, purchase Mobile Top ups and make online payments etc. Additionally , the funds can be withdrawn conveniently by visiting any of 85,000+ JazzCash agents or by visiting the nearest ATM

For more details on Payoneer please visit

Real Time Transfers

Funds from Payoneer can be received instantly

Good Exchange Rate

With Payoneer you can get better exchange rates for your withdrawals

Minimum Withdrawal amount of $1

With JazzCash you can withdraw as low as $1 from your Payoneer Account

2 Free Cash Withdrawals

Freelancers can get free ATM cash withdrawal

Receive Rs.2 Airtime on every dollar

Get rewarded for every withdrawal in your JazzCash Mobile Account

Account Linking

Funds Withdrawal

Mobile Account limits

Account Level Daily Credit Daily Debit Monthly Credit Monthly Debit Yearly Credit & Debit Max Balance
Level 0 25,000 25,000 40,000 40,000 200,000 200,000
Level 1 50,000 50,000 80,000 80,000 800,000 800,000
Level 2 400,000 50,000 500,000 500,000 6,000,000 1,000,000
Level HRA No Limit 50,000 No Limit 500,000 No Limit 1,500,000
  • JazzCash does not charge any fee for withdrawals from Payoneer Account
  • 2 Free ATM cash withdrawal can be availed within the Calendar month of receiving Freelance Payment. 3rd Cash withdrawal and onwards will be charged as per JazzCash standard charges
  • Standard Payoneer charges of 2% per transaction will be applicable when withdrawing money from your Payoneer account.
  • For service charges on different transaction types please click here

PRC stands for Proceeds Realization Certificate and is used to file tax returns. As per Income Tax Ordinance of Pakistan, any foreign remittance will be exempt from tax if you have the PRC from your bank. If you receive Freelance payments in your JazzCash mobile account then you can request for your PRC through below mentioned process




  1. Call JazzCash Helpline from your registered mobile number (4444 or 111-124-444) and request for the PRC
  2. You would be asked to provide below information:
    1. Transaction Date/Time
    2. Transaction Amount
    3. Customer Name
    4. Customer Mobile Account number
    5. Customer Email Address
  3. The PRC will be generated and emailed on the provided email address within 7 working days

Free Cash Withdrawal :-

  • Order your ATM Card now
  • 2 Free ATM cash withdrawal can be availed within the Calendar month of receiving Freelance Payment. 3rd Cash withdrawal and onwards will be charged as per JazzCash standard charges.
  • Free Cash withdrawal is only available through ATM. Agent withdrawals are not currently included in Free withdrawals and standard JazzCash charges of Agent Cash withdrawal will be applicable.

Free Airtime :-

  • Eligible for all JazzCash Mobile Account customers who receive International Remittance
  • Airtime will be posted on the same mobile number on which the JazzCash Account is registered.
  • Airtime will only be given to Jazz/Warid Customers only
  • Airtime will be posted on next day after the transaction has been received in customer’s Mobile Account.
  • Airtime against transactions processed on holidays will be posted on next working day.
  • The minimum transaction limit to qualify for the incentive is:

Minimum Transaction Amount (USD)

For Prepaid Sim Holders  $ 15

For Postpaid Sim Holders  $ 25

JazzCash charges Fees for withdrawing the amount from the Mobile Account?

The customers are allowed up to 2 Free Cash withdrawals per month using the JazzCash ATM Card. The ATM Card can be ordered by visiting the below mentioned link . . The Free cash withdrawals would only be valid in the month in which the remittance is received in the Mobile Account. The customers would be charged the normal fee on cash withdrawal from retailers.


The transaction has not been received in real time?

In certain cases the transaction would get stuck in AML Screening. The TAT for clearing such transactions is 2 Days. Within 2 days the amount would be received in the customers Mobile Account.


What are the charges for the withdrawal?

Payoneer charges a standard fee of 2% per withdrawal. No charges are incurred on transferring the amount into JazzCash