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JazzCash and Payoneer have teamed up to facilitate the Freelancers in Pakistan by enabling them to directly create or link their Payoneer account from JazzCash application to receive funds.

Freelancers can now register their new Payoneer account through JazzCash mobile account application or simply link their current Payoneer account with JazzCash. There is no need for traveling to bank branches and providing extensive documentation for account opening.

The funds from Payoneer can be received instantly into the Freelancer’s Mobile Account. Once received, the funds can be utilized to pay utility bills, transfer funds, purchase Mobile Top ups and make online payments etc. Additionally, the funds can be withdrawn conveniently by visiting any of 121,000 JazzCash agents or by visiting the nearest ATM

Visit Payoneer for more details about their services.

Create Payoneer Account

Create Payoneer Account from your JazzCash Mobile Account

Real Time Transfers

Funds from Payoneer can be received instantly

Good Exchange Rate

With Payoneer you can get better exchange rates for your withdrawals

Minimum Withdrawal amount of $5

With JazzCash you can withdraw as low as $5 from your Payoneer Account

2 Free Cash Withdrawals

Freelancers can get free ATM cash withdrawal

Create Account

Account Linking

Funds Transfer

Funds Withdrawal

Delink Account

Mobile Account limits

Account Level Daily Credit Daily Debit Monthly Credit & Debit Yearly Credit & Debit Max Balance
Level 0 25,000 25,000 50,000 200,000 200,000
Level 1 50,000 50,000 200,000 1,200,000 1,200,000
Level 2 750,000 750,000 1500,000 6,000,000 1,500,000

Payoneer Funds Withdrawal limits via JazzCash Account:

Daily Monthly
10 transactions or Rs. 150,000/- (whichever comes first) in total for every 24 hours 30 transactions or Rs. 500,000/- (whichever comes first) in total for every 30 days
  • JazzCash does not charge any fee for withdrawals from Payoneer Account
  • 2 Free ATM cash withdrawal can be availed within the Calendar month of receiving Freelance Payment. 3rd Cash withdrawal and onwards will be charged as per JazzCash standard charges
  • Standard Payoneer charges of 2% per transaction will be applicable when withdrawing money from your Payoneer account.
  • For service charges on different transaction types please click here

PRC stands for Proceeds Realization Certificate and is used to file tax returns. As per Income Tax Ordinance of Pakistan, any foreign remittance will be exempt from tax if you have the PRC from your bank. If you receive Freelance payments in your JazzCash mobile account then you can request for your PRC through below mentioned process




  1. Call JazzCash Helpline from your registered mobile number (4444 or 111-124-444) and request for the PRC
  2. You would be asked to provide below information:
    1. Transaction Date/Time
    2. Transaction Amount
    3. Customer Name
    4. Customer Mobile Account number
    5. Customer Email Address
  3. The PRC will be generated and emailed on the provided email address within 7 working days

Payoneer New Account Registration

  • New Payoneer account registration is being managed by Payoneer Teams.
  • Any communication related to your Payoneer account may be done with Payoneer Support Teams (hyperlink
  • Any communication from Payoneer related to your account registration will be done on your registered email address

Free Cash Withdrawal

  • Order your ATM Card now
  • 2 Free ATM cash withdrawal can be availed within the Calendar month of receiving Freelance Payment. 3rd Cash withdrawal and onwards will be charged as per JazzCash standard charges.
  • Free Cash withdrawal is only available through ATM. Agent withdrawals are not currently included in Free withdrawals and standard JazzCash charges of Agent Cash withdrawal will be applicable.
  • Amount charged for ATM withdrawal will be reimbursed in 7 business days

Can I register for Payoneer account from their website and provide my JazzCash account number?

New Payoneer Account registration for JazzCash customers can only be done through the JazzCash application.

What is my JazzCash IBAN which I have to provide at the time of registration?

JazzCash Application automatically populates the system generated IBAN at the time of registration which you should verify to make sure it is “PK29JAZZ0000000000000001”. This has nothing to do with your mobile account number and is just a system level code.

If I submit my application with IBAN “PK29JAZZ0000000000000001” where will my money be withdrawn eventually?

This IBAN is a JazzCash and Payoneer mutually  agreed IBAN code which makes sure your JazzCash mobile account, which is being used for registration, is linked with your new Payoneer Account.

JazzCash charges Fees for withdrawing the amount from the Mobile Account?

The customers are allowed up to 2 Free Cash withdrawals per month using the JazzCash ATM Card. The ATM Card can be ordered by visiting the below mentioned link . . The Free cash withdrawals would only be valid in the month in which the remittance is received in the Mobile Account. The customers would be charged the normal fee on cash withdrawal from retailers.

The transaction has not been received in real time?

In certain cases the transaction would get stuck in AML Screening. The TAT for clearing such transactions is 2 Days. Within 2 days the amount would be received in the customers Mobile Account.

What are the charges for the withdrawal?

Payoneer charges a standard fee of 2% per withdrawal. No charges are incurred on transferring the amount into JazzCash

JazzCash Payoneer Billing Service – Simplify Your Freelance Payments!

Are you a freelancer in Pakistan looking for a hassle-free way to receive payments from your international clients? Look no further! JazzCash, in collaboration with Payoneer, brings you the JazzCash Payoneer Billing Service, a convenient feature designed to streamline your payment process and maximize your earnings.

  • Bypass Marketplace Fees: Say goodbye to hefty marketplace fees! As a freelancer working on platforms like Upwork or Fiverr, you often have to pay a significant percentage of your earnings as fees. With the Payoneer Billing Service, you can now send payment requests directly to your clients and avoid these fees.
  • Global Payment Requests: Reach out to your clients anywhere in the world with ease. Whether your clients are based in the United States, Europe, or anywhere else, you can initiate payment requests effortlessly through the JazzCash app.
  • Multiple Payment Options: We understand the importance of flexibility when it comes to payment methods. That’s why your clients can conveniently pay you using credit/debit cards, e-checks, or bank transfers. We’ve got you covered!
  • Simplified Earnings Management: Keeping track of your earnings is crucial for your financial well-being. JazzCash provides a user-friendly dashboard where you can effortlessly manage and monitor your earnings. Stay on top of your finances with ease.
How to Get Started:
  • Opt-In for the Billing Service: If you haven’t used the JazzCash Payoneer Billing Service before, don’t worry! You can subscribe to it through a simple opt-in process within the JazzCash app. Get ready to unlock a seamless payment experience.
  • Raise Payment Requests: Once you’ve opted in, you can start raising payment requests. Fill in the necessary client details, and we’ll take care of the rest. It’s never been easier to receive payments from your clients!
  • Track Request Status: Curious about the progress of your payment request? With the JazzCash app, you can conveniently track the status of your requests. Stay informed every step of the way.
  • Link Your Payoneer Account: Before opting in for the “Request a Payment” option, make sure to link your Payoneer account to JazzCash. This connection ensures a smooth transfer of funds between your Payoneer and JazzCash accounts.
  • Minimum Limit: Enjoy the flexibility of receiving payments starting from as low as $20 USD, EUR, or GBP. We believe in empowering freelancers of all scales.
  • Maximum Limit: For larger transactions, the maximum limit for each currency is $20,000 USD or EUR/GBP 15,000. We strive to accommodate your growing freelance business needs.

Note: Please note that these limits specifically apply to the Payoneer billing service. When transferring funds from your Payoneer account to JazzCash, the limits remain the same: a daily limit of 150,000 PKR and a monthly limit of 500,000 PKR.

Embrace the JazzCash Payoneer Billing Service today and unlock a world of seamless payments for your freelance work. Simplify your earnings, expand your reach, and take control of your financial journey like never before.

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Transfer USD 1000 or more from your Payoneer account to JazzCash from 01st July, till 31st July ’24 and get a chance to win upto PKR 100,000.


Bumper Prize of PKR 100,000: 1 Lucky winner

PKR 50,000: 18 Lucky Winners


  • The campaign will be live from 01st July, till 31st July ‘24.
  • Freelancers can transfer minimum USD 1,000 or more in multiple transactions during the campaign.
  • A total of 19 Winners will be selected through a lucky draw and an announcement will be made on social media by JazzCash’s official pages.
  • The amount will be posted within 7 working days of the campaign end.
  • The campaign is not for Jazz employees, merchants and retailers.
  • MMBL/JazzCash reserves the right to change or remove this offer at any time.