Mobile Account


You can now easily upgrade your account digitally in a few easy steps, without the need of visiting the bank branch and submission of physical documents.

Upgrade your account to Asaan Digital account and enjoy increased monthly transaction limit of PKR 1 million. All you need is a valid CNIC, a mobile number registered with your CNIC, and a phone camera to take a live selfie!

Let’s upgrade now? Follow the steps in the video and enjoy all services of your JazzCash wallet with enhanced daily, monthly and yearly transaction limits!

  1. Service Charges:A fee of PKR 100 would be charged on account upgrade request to Asaan Digital
  2. Account Limits
    Account Level Asaan Digital
    Daily Credit 400,000
    Daily Debit 400,000
    Monthly Credit & Debit 1,000,000
  3. Terms & Conditions
    • Only L1 Jazzcash account holders are eligible to upgrade their account to Asaan Digital
    • The fee, PKR 100, for account upgradation would be deducted at the initiation of the account upgrade request
    • SIM ownership should be in the name of account holder (SIM registered on the same CNIC on which JazzCash account is registered)

How long would it take for an Asaan Digital account upgrade request to be processed?

Your request will be processed within 48 hours.

Can I upgrade my Next Gen account to Asaan Digital account?

No, Asaan Digital account is not applicable for Next Gen account.

What is the maximum balance that could be kept in my Asaan Digital Account?

PKR 1 Million is the maximum balance that you can keep in your Asaan Digital Account

Can I upgrade my Asaan Digital Account to L2 account?

Yes, you can upgrade your JazzCash Asaan Digital Account to L2 account by visiting your nearest MMBL branch.