Account Closure Request Process

You can close your JazzCash account via following methods:

1. Via Phone Call 

For Jazz Users: Dial 4444 from your mobile phone.

For Other Network Users: Dial 021 111 124 444

  • Follow the voice prompts to connect with a customer care representative.
  • Inform the representative of your desire to close your JazzCash account.
  • You’ll be asked to verify your identity through a series of questions.
  • Upon successful verification, your account will be deactivated, and you’ll receive a confirmation message​​​.

2. Visiting a Jazz Franchise or Mobilink Microfinance Bank Branch

  • Locate and visit the nearest Jazz franchise or Mobilink Microfinance Bank branch.
  • Request an account closing form from a representative.
  • Fill out the form and submit it along with a copy of your valid CNIC.
  • The representative will verify your information and proceed to close your account.
  • It’s necessary to withdraw or transfer all funds from your JazzCash account before proceeding with the closure​​​​.

3. Via Email

You can also request account deletion by emailing the JazzCash support team at In your email, clearly state your request to close your account, providing necessary account details for identification​.

Security Precautions

Before you proceed with deleting your account, ensure you’ve backed up necessary transaction details or statements for future reference. Additionally, unlink any associated bank accounts or cards and consider changing your password for added security. After account deletion, try logging in by re-installing the app after some time to ensure the process was successful​​.