Corporate Disbursement Solutions

JazzCash has a dedicated corporate solutions team that focuses on providing public and private sector organizations with customized solutions to meet their requirement to conduct financial transactions related to disbursement of funds and collection of payments.

These solutions are designed keeping in consideration the requirements of these organizations to provide them with a streamlined end user experience.

Under the corporate segment solution offerings include:

Disbursement Solutions:

This solution allows the corporates to disburse funds to beneficiaries of the organizations spread across the country. The process for disbursement is:

  • Cost effective
  • On real-time basis
  • Secure
  • Reporting provided as per the client needs

Channels available for disbursement of funds are as follows which are used depending

  • Over the counter
  • Mobile Wallet
  • Card Based

Our team can provide customized solutions to organization for the disbursement of salary, emergency aid disbursement, social scheme related disbursement such as income support programs, microloan distribution etc.

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