QR Payment Discounts

  1. JazzCash has the right to decide all eligible customers who have conducted the required action as per the campaign offer.
  2. The discounts cannot be combined with group discounts, parties, special events or any other offers.
  3. These JazzCash QR Campaign Terms and Conditions (the “Terms and Conditions”) shall apply to all eligible customers participating in the campaign, and the eligible customer hereby consent to these Terms and Conditions through any such participation in the campaign.
  4. Type of transactions will depend on the campaign mechanisms. The mechanisms for cashback campaign are:
    • The customer must conduct their payment transaction through JazzCash QR/Till ID.
    • One customer can avail the total cashback amount (E.g.: Rs.200/Rs.250/Rs.2500) either via single transaction or multiple transactions.
    • Once the total cashback exceeds the limit (per customer), no more discounts shall be applicable to a customer.
    • Customer will only receive the cashback of 20%/25% of their total bill. Maximum cashback that a customer can receive is Rs.200/Rs.250/Rs.500/Rs.750/Rs.1000/Rs.1500/Rs.2500 during the campaign’s duration.
    • Customers cashback limit will be exhausted once the maximum cashback has been rewarded.
    • The cashback will be deposited in customer account within approx. 24 hours after the eligible transaction is conducted.
    • Account transactional limits apply.
  5. JazzCash/MMBL reserves its absolute right to withdraw and/or alter any terms and conditions of the offer/campaign at any time without prior notice.
  6. The Campaign is applicable to eligible JazzCash Customers accounts only.
  7. The Campaign is not applicable for JazzCash merchant accounts.
  8. Eligible Customers must not share any PIN code, passcode, passwords, etc. with anyone.
  9. Minimum spending required for cashback via QR/Till ID is Rs.100