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JazzCash introduces ReadyCash loan service that will process and issue you a loan in a few seconds!

ReadyCash is an instant and convenient way for JazzCash Mobile Account customers to avail short-term instant loans of small denominations through Jazzcash App or USSD. ReadyCash service will instantly credit loan into your Mobile Account allowing you to utilize the amount instantly to meet your short-term loan requirement. With ReadyCash, customers no longer need to go through heavy documentation or processes to get a loan. With a few taps on your mobile phone, ReadyCash is your instant loan!

Customers can avail ReadyCash service for a duration of four weeks; with the option to pay back early as well. One customer can get only a single loan at a time of up to Rs 10,000. Currently, the service is in pilot and is available for a limited number of customers only – who will be informed about their eligibility through an SMS.

How to get ReadyCash Loan?

  1. Dial *786*6*8# (Jazz subscribers only)
  2. Select Apply for ReadyCash
  3. Select ReadyCash amount
  4. Enter MPIN to confirm request and acceptance of Terms & Conditions

How to Repay ReadyCash Loan?

  1. Dial *786*6*8#
  2. Select Repay ReadyCash
  3. Select Partial or Full Payment
  4. Enter MPIN to pay

Apply for ReadyCash :

Dial *786#

Select 4 for ReadyCash

Select 1 for Apply for ReadyCash

Choose the desired ReadyCash Amount

Enter MPIN to Confirm Acceptance of Terms & Conditions

ReadyCash loan application will be processed

Repay ReadyCash :

Dial *786#

Select 4 for ReadyCash

Select 2 for Repay ReadyCash

Choose 1 for Full Payment OR Choose 2 for Partial Payment and enter amount

Enter MPIN to Confirm

Repayment will be processed immediately and an SMS confirmation will be sent

Note: Alternatively, JazzCash will automatically deduct total amount + applicable fee on the due date; all you need to do is keep the required balance in your mobile account for this payment!

View your ReadyCash Repayment History :

Dial *786#

Select 4 for ReadyCash

Select 3 for ReadyCash Payment history

Customers will be charged a weekly fee on the availed ReadyCash amount
During repayment of ReadyCash loan, if customer chooses to repay partial amount then weekly fee will be applicable only on the outstanding amount as per below fee schedule

What is the minimum and maximum ReadyCash amount that can be availed?

You can avail loans ranging from Rs 100 to Rs 10,000 depending on your eligibility.

Are there any additional charges except the weekly fee?

JazzCash will not charge any additional charges such as loan processing fee or any other form of charges except for a weekly fee for availing ReadyCash loan.

Can the due date for ReadyCash repayment be extended?

Customers must pay back their loan within 4 weeks, in case their repayment is late; JazzCash will automatically extend their due date by a week (up to maximum of 4 weeks).

How many ReadyCash loans can customers avail at a time?

You can only have one active ReadyCash at a time, but once the loan has been repaid, you can apply for another loan again.

How to Repay your ReadyCash?

  • Deposit the amount repayable or more into your JazzCash Mobile Account before the due date for an automatic repayment
  • You can repay your loan manually at any time, by selecting the Repay ReadyCash option by dialing *786*6*8#

What if customer fails to repay loan even after the revised due date?

If repayment amount is still owed after the due date, the due date will be extended automatically for one week and for a maximum of four weeks. If customer still does not repay the ReadyCash loan in full, they will be blacklisted from availing ReadyCash service in future and will also be reported as a defaulter to the State Bank of Pakistan through eCIB system.

How can I deposit money into my Mobile Account in order to repay ReadyCash?

You can deposit cash into your Mobile Account free of cost from any JazzCash Agent or if you have another bank account, you can transfer funds from your Bank’s ATM by using IBFT facility

Terms and Conditions for JazzCash ReadyCash Service

By choosing to use this ReadyCash Service (“SERVICE”) you agree to establish a direct contractual relationship with Mobilink Microfinance Bank Limited (“BANK”) as a customer/borrower and you further agree to be bound by the BANK’s terms and conditions of use of the SERVICE and undertake to repay the ReadyCash loan amount along with all the due charges on the agreed date and time.


1.1. Customer should have a JazzCash mobile account.
1.2. Customer has active mobile account Usage.
1.3. When you apply for a loan, you instruct, consent to and authorize Mobilink Microfinance bank for considering your ReadyCash loan service.
1.4. To provide you with the best user experience consistent with our company policy of being customer obsessed we must establish your relevant customer profile which would include access to relevant personal information, mobile account and subscription information.

By accepting the terms and conditions you consent that the ReadyCash loan service will grant the BANK authority to access and process the above stated requirements for the purposes of offering best products and services.

1.5. Once customer’s ReadyCash loan request is approved, ReadyCash loan will be disbursed directly into your mobile account and an SMS confirmation will be sent.
1.6. The BANK shall not be required to provide reasons to you for declining or approving your application for a ReadyCash loan.
1.7. If your application is approved, the Bank shall send an SMS to you confirming:
1.7.1. The Loan Amount;
1.7.2. The Weekly Fee
1.7.3. The Total Repayment Amount;
1.7.4. The Due Date;
1.7.5. The Transaction ID (TID)

1.8. These terms and conditions may change over time and will be available on JazzCash website. Therefore, whenever you are requesting for ReadyCash loan you need to review these terms before you apply for a ReadyCash loan.


2.1. You can repay your loan using mobile account at any time on or before the due date, by selecting the Repay ReadyCash option.

2.2. The Bank is authorized to process automatic deduction of the repayment amount of outstanding ReadyCash amount from your mobile account after due date, automatic deduction can be processed one or more times until repayment of the outstanding balance plus applicable fees has been made in full. Further, it is hereby agreed and acknowledged by the Customer that, in case the customer changes or has changed the JC Mobile account number with or without informing the Bank of such change, the Bank shall be at liberty to cause automatic deduction from the current active mobile account of the Customer without there being any objection by the Customer and upon exercising such right of deduction, the Bank shall always stand indemnified from any claim whatsoever by the Customer.

2.3. After eight weeks since loan disbursement, there will be no further weekly fee applied on outstanding ReadyCash loan amount.

2.4. Customer authorizes Bank that they may receive notifications/alerts regarding their ReadyCash loan.

2.5. The Bank is authorized to block outgoing calls/SMS/GSM usage in case customers do not repay their outstanding ReadyCash amount within the stipulated time period.


3.1. The customer will be deemed a defaulter if they fail to pay the original loan amount along with its applicable weekly fee and any associated fee within the stipulated time period.

3.2. Default customer data can be reported to Credit Bureau (eCIB) service of State Bank of Pakistan and will remain in the eCIB system for a period of two years. In case of any financial relief provided to the customer by the Bank in the form of write off / reversal of markup, the same shall be reported to eCIB /SBP. Default customer can be blacklisted from availing ReadyCash service again in future.


4.1. Once loan has been granted ReadyCash will not be liable or accountable for how the consumer uses their loan amount. Responsibility of any illegal, questionable or dubious action will fall solely on the consumer.


5.1. You provide your consent and authorization to the Bank, JazzCash, Jazz Mobile subscription, Jazz Digital (PMCL) and its associated bodies where your relevant information was extracted from during your loan application to share that relevant data with:
5.1.1. Any national or international law enforcement, regulatory or government body/agency in the assistance in any investigation, prosecution of criminal activities, fraud, prevention and detection of any such activities
5.1.2. Service providers, dealers, agents, associate company of the Bank or any Third-Party entity associated directly with the Bank for reasonable commercial purposes which can include disbursement of loan, its regulation, collection, marketing of products etc.

5.2. The Bank is authorized to make such disclosures in respect of the Account and Services as may be required by any court order or competent authority or agency under the provisions or applicable laws and/or otherwise to safeguard the interests of the Bank

5.3. Service providers and any other associate company of the Bank for reasonable commercial purposes

5.4. Default customer data will be reported to Credit Bureau of Pakistan

6. Maximum Exposure of a Borrower from Financial Institutions

6.1 By agreeing to the T&Cs, customer confirms that his/her maximum limits of aggregate exposure do not exceed Rs. 350,000/- for general loans.
6.2 By agreeing to the T&Cs, the customer confirms his/her aggregate exposure to avail both general and microenterprise loans do not exceed Rs. 3,000,000/-.

By agreeing to these Terms & Conditions for ReadyCash Service, the customer is also agreeing to the Mobile Account Service Terms & Conditions published on