QR Payments

JazzCash customers can make payments at merchants by scanning QR via JazzCash App for a quick and convenient shopping experience. For all customers who do not have a smartphone, payment can also be made by dialing *786# and using 8-digit Till Number

JazzCash Mobile Account users can also pay at any merchant that displays JazzCash QR or Mastercard QR. Customers can also enjoy exclusive discounts on making payment via JazzCash App at partner brands!

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Here’s how you can make QR payments through JazzCash App

Open JazzCash App and tap Scan QR button

Scan QR code via App

Enter amount and confirm transaction with MPIN

Here’s how you can pay through JazzCash menu *786#

Dial *786# and select Till Payments

Enter Till Number/Merchant ID

Enter amount and confirm transaction with MPIN

How do I make QR payments?

You need to install JazzCash App through Play Store or iOS Store to be able to scan QR codes; or if you don’t have an app you can still pay by dialing *786# by entering Till number or Merchant ID

What type of QR codes can I scan?

Currently, you can scan any JazzCash QR Codes or Mastercard QRs.

Are there any charges for making QR payments?

No, there are no charges to perform a QR transaction through JazzCash Mobile Account

What is the maximum limit of QR payment?

Standard Mobile Account limits are applicable for all QR transactions made through JazzCash Mobile Account

How will I receive confirmation of QR payment transactions?

You will receive instant SMS confirmation from 8558 for transactions made through JazzCash QR. In case of transactions made on Mastercard QR, you will receive a confirmation SMS from 8790 as well.