Visa Debit Card

JazzCash brings Personalized Visa Debit Card for its Mobile Account customers. Now, Mobile Account customers do not need to carry cash for making payments at retail outlets as customers can make secure and convenient payment transactions through their debit card. The card is accepted at more than 50,000 retail outlets nationwide and various local online stores.


  • No monthly or annual fee
  • Convenient card ordering process through online portal
  • Accepted at over 50,000 Retail and Online Visa Merchants
  • Cash withdrawal at over 12,000 ATMs across Pakistan
  • Free SMS alerts on every transaction
  • Daily withdrawal and shopping limit is Rs. 50,000 (No charges on shopping)

Customers can also enjoy exclusive discounts on making payment via their Visa Debit Card at partner brands!

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10% Cashback on Fuel with JazzCash Visa Debit Card

Save on fuel payments this month with JazzCash Visa Debit Card. Use your card to pay for fuel and get 10% cashback in your JazzCash Mobile Account.

T&C’s apply!

To Withdraw Cash at any ATM: Activate your Visa Debit Card by creating your ATM PIN by dialing *786*6*4# (for Jazz/Warid subscribers) or by using JazzCash Mobile App (for all subscribers)

To Swipe Your Card at Retail Merchants: Activate your Visa Debit Card for shopping at Retail by calling helpline or just perform one cash withdrawal/ balance inquiry from any ATM for automatic activation

To Complete Payment at Online Merchants: You can activate your Visa Debit Card for an Online shopping session by calling helpline

NoteJazzCash Visa Debit Card cannot be used at International Merchants.

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How much time will it take to deliver card at my provided address?

Once an order is successfully placed, it will take 15 working days to deliver your card at provided address

How will I pay card fee?

Card fee will be deducted from your Mobile Account upon confirmation of your order

What if I don’t receive the card within 15 working days?

Once your card will be dispatched, you will receive an order tracking ID through which you will be able to track your order

If I have already placed an order, will I be able to place another order for card?

You will be able to place another order after 20 working days of your first order. Or in case your first order was rejected then you will be able to place another order after rejection of your first order

My order has been rejected, will I get my card fee refunded?

Yes, your card fee will be refunded in your Mobile Account within two working days of your order rejection

My order has been returned by courier service, can I get it delivered over some other address?

In this scenario, you have to call the helpline

Who can get JazzCash debit card?

Anyone with JazzCash Mobile Account can get debit card

Will I have to pay cash to agent to purchase debit card?

No, you don’t have to pay cash to agent as amount will be deducted from your Mobile Account

I already have JazzCash ATM card, can I get debit card?

Yes, but first you have to block your ATM card

My card has been returned by courier service. What should I do?

In this scenario, you have to call the helpline.

In case you do not call the helpline for card delivery, your card will be discarded after 60 days from date of 1st return and fee will not be refunded.

I have lost my debit card, what should I do?

You must immediately block your card by calling helpline or through your account menu

What should I do if I forget my debit card pin?

You need to call helpline, after verification you will be able to change your card PIN

Can I perform transactions internationally with JazzCash debit card?

Currently, JazzCash debit card is only valid for purchase with in Pakistan

Is there any fee for online purchase session activation?

No, online purchase session activation is free of cost

What is the maximum time I can set for online session activation?

You can activate online session for maximum of 72 hours (3-days)

My online session expires will shopping online, what should I do?

You can call the helpline for re-activation of session

My card has been illegally used, what should I do?

You need to immediately call helpline in this scenario

  • Cashback is only applicable for payments made at fuel stations through JazzCash Visa Debit Card
  • This offer is only valid for customers who use their JazzCash Visa Debit Card to pay for fuel from 1st September 2019 till 30th September 2019
  • Maximum cashback amount is Rs. 250 per customer
  • Cashback will be credited into customer’s JazzCash Mobile Account within 10 working days of their transaction
  • This is a limited time offer and can be withdrawn or changed by JazzCash at any time without prior notice
  • The final decision for customer cashback eligibility will rest with JazzCash
  • There is no limit on the amount of the transaction to become eligible for cashback in this campaign

Card Skimming

is a method used by criminals to capture data from the magnetic stripe on the back of Debit/Credit card.

Skimming of credit/debit card data is performed at point of sale (POS) stations

By using credit or debit card into a compromised machine, the card skimmer reads the magnetic strip of card and stores the card number. PIN can be captured too, if a fake keypad was placed over the real one.

How to protect yourself against skimming

Here are some basic things you can do to protect yourself from card skimming:

  • Go to the Bank Window – Visiting a to bank branch during office hours, go into the branch and make withdrawal from teller window rather than taking money out from ATM.
  • Be discreet with your PIN. Covering the keypad as you enter your PIN could help prevent someone stealing from you.
  • Never share your PIN. Don’t tell anyone your PIN, don’t write it down and definitely do not keep a copy of it in your wallet together with your card.
  • Keep your card in sight. If you’re in a store or restaurant, make sure you hold onto your card or keep it within your sights at all times so that you know it is only being used on specific machine.
  • Look for signs of tampering. Before you use an ATM, always check for any suspicious features. Also try wiggling parts of the machine, because legitimate ATMs are solid constructions that don’t usually have loose or moving parts.
  • Avoid outdoor ATMs. ATM at branch, inside the mall, is generally safer than a lone outdoor ATM.
  • Check your account statement. Checking your account statement is a good habit, and it’s now easier to do this regularly thanks to online banking. Doing this is important because you can identify fraudulent transactions as soon as they happen.
  • Report suspicious activity. Immediately call your bank if you suspect your account/card has been compromised.
Be Vigilant, Stay Safe!

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