Balance Campaign

JazzCash brings yet another exciting offer for its Mobile Account customers. All Mobile Account customers will be provided free minutes (on-net) and SMS if they maintain a minimum level of balance in their Mobile Accounts. The details of the offer are as below:

Offer Details

Daily Balance Minutes SMS
Rs.1,000 – 1,999 30 30
Rs.2,000 – 2,999 60 60
Rs.3,000 and Above 100 100
  • A customer who maintains a balance between Rs.1,000-1,999 on a specific day will be eligible to get 30 minutes and 30 SMS after one day
  • A customer who maintains a balance between Rs.2,000-2,999 on a specific day will be eligible to get 60 minutes and 60 SMS after one day
  • A customer who maintains a balance equal to or above Rs.3,000 on a specific day will be eligible to get 100 minutes and 100 SMS after one day
  • The current posting will be initiated at 7:30 AM in the morning

Call set up charges of Rs. 0.17 are applicable. Every call will be charged at a rate of Rs. 0.05 per call

  • Offers are subject to suspension on special occasions at company’s discretion e.g. Eids, Special Holiday’s etc
  • Customers meeting the minimum account balance will be given free On-net Minutes and SMS.
  • Free bundle will be posted to your number one day after you have maintained the required balance which will be valid till midnight the same day. For example a customer who maintained Rs 3,000 balance on 1st April will get 100 On-net Minutes and SMS on 3rd April.
  • Status of a free bundle can be checked by dialing *117*88*2#.
  • The minutes and SMS are non-transferable.
  • A customer will stop receiving the incentive if he has not conducted any product transaction in the last 30 days. After maintaining balance for more than 30 days, customer will stop receiving free Minutes and SMS; they can become eligible for this by performing a transaction from their account; after performing transaction they will start getting free Mins and SMS again after one day.
  • This offer is valid only for prepaid customers.
  • Mobile Account Balance Offer is a limited time offer.
  • Those customers who are subscribed for Bachat Account or JazzCash Beema are not eligible for this offer.
  • These free Minutes and SMS will not be valid for use between 6 PM and 9 PM.

How can I deposit money into my Mobile Account?

You can avail the services of nearly 60,000 JazzCash agents across Pakistan. Just type ‘M’ and send it on 2179 to see the nearest retailers in your vicinity. Cash deposits can be conducted through any of our agents.

How will I get the confirmation of my daily incentive?

SMS will be sent to the qualifying customers for the respective daily postings.

What if I want to register a JazzCash Mobile Account?

Jazzcash Mobile account can be registered on any network mobile number:

  • Biometric-verified Jazz and Warid customers can self-register their Mobile Account simply by dialing *786#.
  • Other network customers can register their Mobile Account through biometric verification by visiting nearest JazzCash Agents, Jazz Franchise or Experience Center.

What transactions do I need to conduct for getting the Minute/SMS incentive?

You must have conducted any of the following transactions within the last 30 days; in addition to maintaining the minimum balance amount to qualify for the incentive. The eligible Mobile Account transactions are:

  • Cash Deposit
  • Send Money
    • Send Money to JazzCash Mobile Account
    • Send Money to Other Operator Mobile Account
    • Send Money to CNIC
    • Send Money to Any Bank Account
  • Bill Payment
    • Electricity Bill Payment
    • Gas Bill Payment
    • Water Bill Payment
    • Telephone Bill Payment
    • Internet Bill Payment
  • Prepaid Load Purchase
    • Jazz Load
    • Other Operator Prepaid Load
  • Postpaid Bill Payment
  • Donations
  • Cash Withdrawal from Agent
  • Cash Withdrawal from ATM

What if I am maintaining the specific minimum balance amount but have not conducted a Mobile Account transaction within the last 30 days?

You will qualify for the incentive one day after you have performend any of the above mentioned Mobile Account transactions; provided that you still meet the minimum balance requirement. For example; if a customer has done one Jazz Load transaction on 5th April and maintains a balance of Rs.1000 on 19th April, then this customer will be posted free minutes and SMS on 21st April since he has been active in the last 30 days.