JazzCash for Business

Online Payment Gateway

JazzCash offers a secure, customizable and seamless payment solution for your website or mobile app. Hundreds of online businesses are using our state-of-the-art technology to accept online payments.

Improve your customers’ experience by letting them choose from the various payment methods offered below.

  • Debit/Credit Card
  • Mobile Account
  • Voucher
  • Direct Debit

Sign-up at Get In Touch and our team will connect with you for onboarding.

Multiple Payment Solutions

Collect your payments through multiple payment options:

  • Debit/Credit Card
  • Mobile Account
  • Voucher
  • Direct Debit

Faster Onboarding

  • Sign up with JazzCash Payment Gateway Sandbox and Go Live with in hours.

Seamless Checkout

  • Our Hosted Checkout solutions offers seamless payment experience and ensures lowest drop rate.

Easy-to- Integrate Solutions

  • A comprehensive suite of well documented APIs, SDKs and Plugins. Select from a portfolio of plugins for quick integration


Real Time Monitoring

  • Access to detailed Merchant Portal to help you track your transactions in real time.

24/7 Support

Our dedicated support teams are available 24/7 to resolve any technical issues and queries. Please get in touch at merchantsupport@jazzcom.com.pk.

How secure is JazzCash Online Payment Gateway?

JazzCash Online Payment Gateway complies with the latest international security standards and is 3D Secure.

What are the payment modes available in JazzCash Online Payment Gateway?

JazzCash offers you below mentioned payment methods.

  1. Payment through Mobile Account
  2. Payment through Credit/Debit cards
  3. Payment through Vouchers


Merchant can choose all or any of the above payment methods for their website.

Are there any annual, monthly or setup charges to use JazzCash Online Payment Gateway?

No there is no annual, monthly or setup charges to use JazzCash Online Payment Gateway.

Does JazzCash Online Payment Gateway only accept credit cards?

JazzCash Online Payment Gateway can process any Visa or MasterCard affiliated credit or debit cards enabled for e-commerce transactions from across the world.

How can I become a JazzCash Online Payment Gateway Merchant?

Any Business/Corporation/Society/Organization having (or intending to have) a fully functional website for selling products, services, and accept payments, can avail JazzCash Online Payment Gateway services.

What are the plugins available to integrate with JazzCash Online Payment Gateway?

Following are the 8 available plugins for quick and easy integration; Magento, Zencart, WooCommerce, Prestashop, Jumla, Opencart, WordPress & OsCommerce.

Is there any support available from JazzCash for integration?

We have a dedicated integration support team who will guide throughout the integration process and also there is an easy integration guide for your quick reference.

Is there any portal for merchants to view transactions?

JazzCash Online Payment Gateway offers a dedicated portal to merchants to view real time transactions and reconcile them.

Is there any portal for customers to view transactions?

JazzCash Online Payment Gateway offers for the first time in Pakistan a dedicated portal for customers to view and monitor their transaction trends on merchants. MFS-SPU@jazz.com.pk

What is the signing-up process for JazzCash Online Payment Gateway?

The sign-up process involves the following major steps:

  1. Submission of documents
  2. Opening of Bank Account
  3. Background checks and due-diligence
  4. Technical integration of website
  5. Go Live


For further queries, please email us at BSD-SALESOVERLAYMFSM-AGRI@jazz.com.pk

Are you interested in enabling JazzCash on your website?

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