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Goama Games

Mobile gaming is one of the most popular activities among all age groups in Pakistan. JazzCash brings its very own skill-based hyper-casual mobile game platform powered by Goama. Play Goama Games and compete based on the highest scores to win prizes every week. Through the product, users can play a variety of hyper-casual games for free. Users can also participate in different tournaments to win rewards. There is a range of prizes including but not limited to cash, free vouchers and coupons.


There are two types of tournaments:

  1. Free Tournaments
  2. Paid Tournaments

There is a tournament entry fee for the paid tournaments. However, there are multiple tournaments which are free to enter.
Live leaderboard reflects the ranks of the users according to their scores.
Moreover, tournament timer shows the countdown to the end of the tournament.

Participation Guidelines:

Users’ participation is valid for the entire duration of the tournament after they have entered in it.

Unless otherwise specified, there is no limit on the number of attempts user may have at a particular game within the tournament cycle.

The results for each tournament will be available on the History section under your profile which will be reflected within 1 day after the tournament ends.


The number of winners in each tournament and the corresponding rewards vary from one tournament cycle to another tournament cycle.

Rewards are determined based on users’ ranking and size of the prize pool.

Rewards are disbursed to the users’ JazzCash account within three days after the tournament has ended.

In case of tied scores, users who achieve the higher score first will be rewarded the higher rank. Terms and Conditions apply.

Terms and Conditions

  • We maintain strict controls and security checks for all our games. We maintain the sole discretion to determine if scores are found to be fraudulently achieved, e.g. via hacking, bots or any other methods, and in such situations, those entries on the leaderboard shall be disqualified, the scores deleted and we reserve the right to take any legal action as we deem fit.
  • JazzCash has the right to make alterations to the tournament such as, but not limited to; the selection of winners, disqualification of players, duration of the tournaments, reward disbursements etc. as per its discretion.