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Maya Telehealth

Maya is a Singapore based telehealth company that is operating in Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh. Partnered with JazzCash, it aims to provide affordable and accessible healthcare for people. With Maya, you can get access to quality healthcare anonymously and without stigmas. Maya has PMC licensed doctors, registered therapists, and has other features such as video call with the doctors/therapists and Maya Health chatbot to take care of your health instantly.


  1. Ask Questions from licensed professionals
  2. HealthBot to cater your daily on the go questions without any wait
  3. Subscribing to packages that allow for video conferencing with doctors

How can I access the Maya application?

Maya can be accessed through the JazzCash Application by logging into the JazzCash application and selecting the Maya icon shown in the other services category in the app drawer.

How does the Free Health Chatbot work?

The free health chatbot is designed to answer predefined questions with predefined answers related to some of the most common types of questions pertaining to lifestyle, mental health and physical health questions.

How do I ask a question on Maya?

Users can ask a question on Maya by first clicking on the My Questions icon and then clicking ask question where the users would be able to ask any question for their healthcare needs

What type of questions can I ask on Maya?

Users can ask a wide array of questions ranging from doctor diagnosis related to patient symptoms, definitions of medical terminologies and causes of various medical diseases to name a few types.

How can I buy a package on Maya?

Users can buy packages on Maya by clicking on the buy packages option from the Maya homepage. Different packages such as Daily, Weekly, Monthly have different prices and users can subscribe to any package as per their requirement.

What is included in the various Maya packages?

Each subscription package for Maya has five features that are being offered to users

  1. Consultancies which are dependent on the type of package being purchased such as (Daily – 1 Question, Weekly – 10 Questions) etc.
  2. Prescriptions according to patient requirements
  3. Upload Documents
  4. Doctor Follow up Calls
  5. Answering questions within 15 minutes

Can I attach an image when asking a question?

Users would be able to attach, edit and delete any image when asking a question related to their healthcare needs.

How long does answering a question take on Maya?

Maya questions are usually answered by experts within 24 hours of the question being asked, however buying a Maya package would allow users to receive answers to their questions within 15 minutes.

Can I buy a package while already having subscribed to another package?

If a user has already subscribed to a package, then they cannot subscribe to another package unless they have either completely asked all the premium questions that the user is entitled to or the package duration has expired.

Can I ask questions for free or do I need to buy a package?

Each user is entitled to five free questions that can be asked by Maya’s healthcare professionals however after the questions limit has been reached, user would have to buy a package to continue asking healthcare questions.

Are the doctors on Maya certified?

Doctors on Maya answering various users healthcare questions are PMC certified professionals in their respective fields of medicine.

How long would my package last?

Each subscription package would last depending upon the package being purchased, Daily packages would last one day, Weekly packages would last seven days and so on

Can I search any symptom that I may be having?

Users can take full advantage of the search feature for Maya shown as the search icon located on the Maya homepage. Users can search any type of disease or medical term and users would be able to see questions and answers relevant to their search.