JazzCash brings yet another exciting service for it’s Mobile Account customers – QuickPay!

You can now send or receive money free of cost in seconds via JazzCash QuickPay QR! JazzCash QR code will be linked to your JazzCash Mobile Account where funds shall be credited instantly.

You can start receiving money by generating the JazzCash QR free of cost. Customers can pay through QuickPay by scanning the QR code through the JazzCash Mobile Account App. For all customers who do not have a smartphone, payment can also be made via QuickPay on the USSD menu by entering the 8-digit QuickPay ID.


Additionally, customers can also pay at FonePay Masterpass enabled merchants with QuickPay!

JazzCash Mobile Account users can also pay at any merchant that displays a Fonepay Masterpass QR code. To pay a Fonepay Masterpass enabled merchant, customers just need to scan the Fonepay Masterpass QR through the QuickPay option on JazzCash Mobile Account App.

Customers can also enjoy exclusive discounts on making payment via JazzCash QuickPay at partner brands!

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Here’s how to get your own JazzCash QR!

Verify you have a JazzCash Mobile Account

Enter your
QuickPay QR details

QR will be issued instantly after OTP verification

It is mandatory to have an active JazzCash Mobile Account in order to start receiving money through JazzCash QuickPay QR! If you still don’t have a JazzCash Mobile Account, just dial *786# if you are a Jazz customer or register through biometric verification at Jazz Experience Center if you are another network’s customer.

Here’s how you can pay through JazzCash QR or QuickPay ID!

Login JazzCash App
OR Access USSD menu
from *786#

Scan QR from QuickPay option on Mobile App OR Enter 8 digit QuickPay ID from QuickPay option on USSD

Enter amount and
confirm transaction
with MPIN

Here’s how you can pay through JazzCash on FonePay Masterpass QR!

Access JazzCash
Mobile App

Select QuickPay and scan FonePay Masterpass QR

Enter amount and MPIN for instant transfer!

How can I use QuickPay?

You can use QuickPay either to receive funds or to send funds. To receive funds, you need to setup your QuickPay QR/ID once. To send funds with QuickPay, you need to have an active JazzCash Mobile Account to make payments through QuickPay. In addition, you need to install JazzCash App through Play Store or iOS Store to be able to scan QR codes; or if you don’t have an app you can still pay with your JazzCash USSD menu by entering 8 digit QuickPay ID on the USSD menu.

How can I generate my own JazzCash QuickPay QR/ID?

You can generate your own JazzCash QR code for free by visiting clicking here.

What type of QR codes can I scan through QuickPay?

Currently, you can scan any JazzCash QuickPay or FonePay-MasterPass QRs.

Are there any charges for performing a transaction through QuickPay?

No, there are no charges to perform a transaction through JazzCash QuickPay. At present these are free for both the sender and receiver.

What is the maximum limit of payment through QuickPay?

Standard Mobile Account limits are applicable for all transactions made through JazzCash QuickPay.

I have generated my JazzCash QR Code but didn’t receive any e-mail?

If you don’t find email in your inbox then check it in spam/junk folder.

How shall I receive confirmation of transaction through QuickPay?

For each successful transaction, both sender and receiver are sent confirmation SMS from 8558 for JazzCash QR/QuickPay ID based payments. For FonePay (masterpass) transaction customer and FonePay merchant will receive SMS from 8790.

Both the sender and receiver will receive instant SMS confirmation from 8558 for transactions made through JazzCash QuickPay QR/ID. In case of FonePay-MasterPass, the merchant will receive a confirmation SMS from 8790.

Can I add additional notification numbers?

If you want to receive money through JazzCash QuickPay QR/ID, you can add up to five additional mobile numbers on which transactions notifications will also be sent. You can add or edit these numbers at any time by clicking here.

Can I generate multiple QuickPay QR/IDs for my Mobile Account?

No, you can only generate one JazzCash QR/ID for your Mobile Account.

When will I receive payment in my JazzCash Account if payments are transferred through QuickPay QR?

Funds received through JazzCash QuickPay QR/ID are received in your Mobile Account in real time.

My JazzCash Mobile Account does not exist. Can I generate my JazzCash QR Code?

No, QR Code will not be generated if your JazzCash Mobile Account does not exist.

My JazzCash Mobile Account is blocked/dormant/ inactive. Can I still generate my JazzCash QR Code?

No, if your JazzCash Mobile Account is blocked, dormant or inactive, you will have to get it activated first.