Mobile Account

Retail Purchase

Retail purchase

You don’t need to carry cash or debit/credit cards as now you can make payments for your shopping, dine out, grocery and other regular payment from your JazzCash mobile account with ease, convenience and security.

Visit your favorite partner merchant shop and opt to pay via JazzCash

Tap NFC or Provide your Mobile Number to merchant

Confirm your payment by entering MPIN on your phone

Receive confirmation SMS and receipt from merchant

To Get Started


  • Dialing *786# from your biometric verified number
  • You can get your account registered from 75,000 + Retailers, Franchises, Jazz experience center or from Mobilink Microfinance bank branches
  • Your Mobile number will become your JazzCash Account number


  • Cash in from 75,000 + JazzCash agents nationwide
  • Ask anybody with JazzCash mobile account to send money into your mobile account
  • Transfer funds from any bank account by selecting beneficiary bank Mobilink Microfinance Bank (formerly known as Waseela Microfinance Bank) and for account number provide your JazzCash account number


  • Start using at designated locations by providing your Mobile Account or NFC

JazzCash Mobile Account Registration

• Dial *786# from your Jazz/ Warid number

• Reply with 1 to confirm for mobile account

• Dial *786#

• Create MPIN (4-digit) to secure mobile account

Caesar's 8

Discount Campaigns:

  • Subway 
    1. Across Pakistan
  • Caesar’s 8
    1. F-11 Markaz
  • The House of Bombay 
    1. F-6 Markaz
  • New Yorker Pizza (20% Discount on menu items and 15% on combos)
    1. New Yorker Pizza Nationwide
  • Des Pardes
    1. E-11
    2. Saidpur
    3. Murree
  • Johnny Rockets
    1. Centaurus Mall
  • Sattarbuksh
    1. F-7, Islamabad
    2. H-9, Islamabad
    3. Clifton, Karachi
  • Baramda
    1. F-11 Markaz


Terms & Conditions:

 *This is a limited time offer.

*Discounts are not applicable in conjunction with other discount offers.

What is NFC?

NFC (near-field communication) allows two devices placed within a few centimeters of each other to exchange data. In order for this to work, both devices must be equipped with an NFC chip. It is the quickest payment method.

How NFC works?

An NFC sticker will be pasted on a customer’s mobile phone, wallet or key chain, which will carry a unique identification number, that unique number will be linked with a mobile account. Once the NFC is linked with mobile account, customer can walk into any partner merchant and tap the NFC sticker on Point of Sale to make payment.

Who can use Retail Purchase service?

Anyone with active JazzCash mobile account

How Can I open my JazzCash Mobile Account?

  • Biometric verified Jazz and Warid customers can self-register their Mobile Account simply by dialing *786#
  • Your can also open Mobile Account by visiting JazzCash Agents, Jazz Points, Jazz Experience Centers or Mobilink Microfinance Bank branch

Once registered customer needs to create MPIN for his Mobile Account

What are charges of Retail Purchase transaction (Mobile Number/NFC)?

No, there is no additional charges on Retail Purchase transaction (Mobile Number/NFC). If merchant asks for any additional amount please report at our helpline: 4444

How can I Deposit Funds into my Mobile Account?

You can deposit cash into your JazzCash Mobile Account through any of the following options;

  • Deposit Cash from 70,000+ Jazz Agents, send “M” to 2179 from Jazz number to find out nearest Jazz Agent.
  • Transfer money instantly from bank account by using funds transfer facility through Online Banking or ATM. Select “Mobilink Microfinance Bank” (formerly known as Waseela Microfinance Bank) as the receiver bank and your mobile number is your account number
  • Ask any friend or family member with JazzCash Mobile Account to send money to your Mobile Account.

Is this campaign valid for Dine in only?

This offer is available on dine in, take away and delivery

How JazzCash customers can link NFC Sticker?

JazzCash customers can link their NFC sticker from the place of purchase (Please visit website for the locations)

What are the charges of linking NFC Sticker?

Yes there are charges. You need to have at least Rs.50 in your JazzCash Mobile Account, charges will be directly deducted from your Mobile Account upon NFC sticker linking

Do I need to pay additional amount for using NFC Sticker?

  • No, there is no additional amount on using NFC Sticker. If merchant asks for any additional amount please report at our helpline: 4444

What if my NFC Sticker is lost/stolen/damaged for JazzCash Customers?

  • Unfortunately, if your NFC Sticker is lost or stolen then you can De-link your NFC Sticker from your Mobile Account by following simple steps:
  • Dial *786# from your mobile number
  • Select option 6 “My Account”
  • Select option 6 “Manage NFC”
  • Select option 1 “Unlink NFC Tag”

In this way you will immediately unlink your NFC Sticker and no payments can be done afterwards

What if my mobile is lost/ stolen and it has NFC Sticker pasted?

  • Unfortunately, if mobile is lost that has NFC Sticker pasted on it then immediately call our help line: 4444, after basic verification your NFC Sticker will be De-linked immediately from your Mobile Account.

Can I re-link same NFC sticker to Mobile Account?

  • No, you cannot re-link the same NFC sticker to your or any other mobile account.However, you can get a new “NFC Sticker for your Mobile Account”

Can merchant have access to my personal information?

  • No, merchant did not have access to your personal information and no merchant point of sales stores any data.

Can I use mobile phone built in NFC for linking and payments?

  • No, you cannot use mobile phone built in NFC neither for linking nor for payments.