Digital Payments

Fee Payment


JazzCash, on its journey to digitally enable the Pakistani Youth, introduces another groundbreaking service which allows you to pay your school and college fees straight from your JazzCash Mobile Account.

The mechanics of the process are as follows:

  1. Students will visit their school’s official website i.e.
  2. They can then choose the Fee Portal Tab in the website, or visit the Fee Portal directly by
  3. Students will enter their Student IDs and Passwords to Log In to the Fee Portal.
  4. The Fee Portal contains all details of the Student Fees and the amounts due.
  5. ClickingPay Now will redirect you to the JazzCash Payment Portal.
  6. The following options are available to pay the fees on JazzCash Portal.
  1. User will Select Mobile Account as the Payment Option
  2. User then provides their JazzCash Mobile Account Number to proceed with the transaction
  3. The user will be sent a prompt to verify the transaction through their Mobile Account PIN
  4. The user will enter their Mobile Account PIN to verify the transaction
  5. Once the transactions are verified, a success message will be sent to the user as well as displayed on the Headstart website.
  6. Your fee payment is successful
  • Userswill choose Voucher as the payment channel
  • The user will be sent a system generated SMS containing the voucher number. The voucher number will be displayed on the user’s screen as well
  • The user will visit their nearest JazzCash retailer to pay their voucher
  • Once the voucher has been paid, a success message will be sent to the userand the transaction will be marked paid with Headstart School
  • Your fee payment is successful
  1. The Userwill select “Debit / Credit Card” as the payment Instrument
  2. User provides their card details to proceed with the transaction. The card details will consist of card number, expiry date& CVV2
  3. Upon successful transaction, the system will send an SMS to the user
  4. Your fee payment is successful